Michael Jocson: Can we unite Physical & Non-Physical Therapy?

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Looking Beyond Physical Therapy: A Unique Talk With Michael Jocson

Today we have as our guest in the 4yourSELF podcast Mr. Michael Jocson (and the “J” is actually not pronounced like in “Jackson” but more like a Hispanic pronunciation). He is a physical therapist and CHEK (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute trained professional from New York City.
The reason why I wanted to interview him was because of his unique holistic approach to physical therapy and treatment. Also because I am kind of a CHEK fanatic since a long time and it is simply a blessing to me to be surrounded by these authentic and intelligent people. As a physical therapist or physiotherapist myself I dealt with all the challenges of a rigid isolationist education system many times. Hearing a therapist with over 20+ years of clinical practice talk about holistic and out-of-the-box ideas was a welcomed thing for me.

What you will hear:
02:35 How Michael came to practicing his unique holistic approach that goes beyond what
08:00 This is how Michael would describe the connection between the mind and the body (which is kind of “out there” for normal physical therapists)
14:40 How does Michael interpret pain?
23:00 Why it is actually a good thing that the holistic structures and concepts are not in basic training
32:20 What is the most common cause of back pain from Michael’s clinical experience?
37:40 What he wants to share with the world at large

Be sure to follow Michael on his Facebook page: www.facebook.com/michaeljocsonphysiotherapy

Go here to check out his website:

Thanks again to Michael for his amazing insights!

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