3 things that make your Christmas last forever


Christmas is approaching fast!

If we haven’t noticed yet then our fast-paced fellow human beings remember us again that “it’s Christmas Tiiime”.


Question is: What should we do?

The time around Christmas and New Year’s Eve is as always „the same procedure as every year… James!“


Simply diving deep into a glas of wine shouting “SCHKALLLLL“ heartily and smashing our heels together in high spirit???

Well it didn’t work out last year, did it?

Schneeflocke Weihnachten

The global craze of consuming, money this money that and buying presents like maniacs drives us to new personal bests…or at least in Germany it is that way.

We are making it even 33 times around the world.

That’s how long the queue of the trucks is that carry our returned toys back to sender into the Amazon.


To add to that there is the usual stress around Christmas, at work, buying presents, christmas tree…


We have all the reasons to be in a very…non-christmas mood.


Is it supposed to end this way?

Being stuck until the end of times in the “rat race”?


I know for a fact that it doesn’t have to be this way. From experience I know different.


What will bring this change about?


These 3 things make your Christmas last forever.


  1. Finding peace with myself

Ohhh yesss we have heard it at least 100.000 times…

Peace Love and Happiness.






The Christmas spirit and the associated peace and quiet – it doesn’t come magically.


An internal decision is required. Be done with the inner war.

Let us end the discord within ourselves.

What that means? Not to judge ourselves anymore because we smoke, are lazy or break new year’s resolutions.


Let’s stop the shit!

Start living!

We will die anyhow… no matter how health-apostolic we have been.


Begin with yourself at Christmas.

We start shining this light into the world. Or it is more of a becoming aware that we always had this light within us.

The only thing that changes is that we stop holding it back.

So we become the peace that we so often miss in this world.


At Christmas we all feel this peace and unity inside of us.

It is a very beautiful all-expansive feeling.


Let us carry this peace into the outside world.


  1. Peace with my neighbor


Christmas is a time where we meet people that have the ability to really grind our “nutcracker-gears”:

Our family and relatives.


Many of them mirror our own unloved inner inconveniences back to us in almost an artistic way.

And because we have never taken the time to give these aspects within us the needed acceptance we are remembered by our tribe with some tough love.


That means: We have to check 1. to get to 2nd base.

The understanding and compassion we have discovered for ourselves can then be applied to our dearly beloved loved ones.


Love and understanding for all their faults. Even if that means that we keep a safe distance to them and to not show up for dinner this year. Instead maybe sending them a mail so the nuclear chain-reaction is bound in chaines…

And it won’t stop here!


  1. Peace around the world


Wooooooow Mr. Vogg…ain’t that a lil bit too saint-idealistic-bigwordy-ish?




Granted that everybody follows this step by step 1-2-3 program…


If I have peace with me and my neighbor…


World-wide peace is an automatic consequence.



This Christmas time and anytime we feel the “Christmas-Spirit” we are to realize that the externalized wars only are a reflection of the war inside.

The discord in this world…we carry it within us.


When this internal decision has been made by every human being on this earth then we will have it…the peace.

We are remembered of that especially at Christmas time.


Then everybody shines his own beautiful light.


It starts with me.




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Merry (belated) Christmas!

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