Can you feel it too?

“What does he mean?” you must be asking yourself. Haven’t you noticed? In your surroundings, in your family, around your friends?

It’s highly unlikely that you will hear anything about what I am talking about in the news. The news are there to present us with a picture of the world, that makes us fearful, that is supposed to convince us, that the world is a bad place and that we should accept that as a fact, because we can’t do anything about it anyway. Right?


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we go through a massive wave of change at this moment. Just take a look around, listen carefully, there is more change going on than you could possibly realize:

  • New discoveries in science and medicine, leading to a more holistic approach in regards to our relationship with the world around us and our health
  • Startups that are working on the innovations of the future
  • New forms of financial currencies outside the grip of financial institutions, giving freedom back to the people
  • the rediscovery of spiritual practices such as yoga or meditation and their relevance for the people living in our modern world
  • The ever-growing movement towards a sustainable society
  • The revelation of corruption in the highest political and societal circles
  • The increasing number of people, distrusting mainstream media, who are looking at alternative media outlets for their information

These changes are not complete yet and it will take time until they are, but they’ve gained a momentum that hardly anything can stop now. It is uncertain where the journey will go, but one thing is for sure: It will change the world as we know it forever.

The times we live in is a critical one as well, one where humanity is faced with a lot of problems and the majority of our problems is caused by none other than ourselves. We caused the problems under which we suffer, but we are also capable to use our suffering as fuel to overcome our collective hardships.

How many people around you walk around with a big question mark above their heads, because they start to question the world around them, not accepting everything they are being fed through mainstream media? How many are more aware of the food they eat and where it comes from? How many refuse to live the Consumer-Life that is being sold to us as desirable? How many are fed up with their stressful job and start looking for alternative ways of earning a living?

One? Two? Everyone?

I bet, that there is at least one person around you, who is experiencing such a drastic change and if there isn’t such a person around, then that’s the perfect opportunity, to be this person yourself and to use the chances and opportunities of our current times, to be part of this great change and to embrace it.

Never before in the history of humankind was there such an abundance of possibilities to influence the world around us in a positive way by sharing our talents, gifts and strengths with the world. We can never know and experience, what life has in store for us, if we don’t come out of our dark cave of anxiety and worry. I know, through my own experience, that life holds you and supports you, if you do what you love and share your joy with the world. Don’t let this incredible time pass you by.

Do it, 4yourself and others!


This text is a guest post by Phillip Lehnert who shares writings both personally and on his page RebelPoetry that touch the heart and inspire us to live authentically.

If you would also like to release a post on 4yourSELF, send me an email at .


Phillip also helped me with the illustration of my new German book that will soon be released in English (stay tuned for that) “Wie du dir selbst treu bleibst: Eine semi-humorvolle Anleitung zu deinem authentischen Ich” (which translates to “How to be true to your self: A semi-humorous guide to your authentic Self”). If you would like to have an amazing the design just as I got, contact Phillip via this email !

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