4yourSELF International: "Thank you for your patience!"


4yourSELF International is live!

Check out our first english podcast!

Thank you for your patience, dear 4yourSELFer.

Even though we have been a primarily german-speaking website, we decided to go further.
With the interview of our biggest mentor Elliott Hulse we reached the decision that everybody of Elliott’s fans should be able to read our posts and inspiration.

We finally did it. 4yourSELF is now also available in English. Guess for who? 4yourSELF!

“Sebastian, why are you even writing about that a blog? Isn’t there something in NLP or holistic health that would be more useful to us as readers?”

I love it. You won’t believe me how inspiring this blog post can be 4you! 🙂

There has been a inner struggle getting this project rolling. I really, really, really wanted to make an english version of 4yourSELF together with my three other business partners and friends.

What held us back? Were we not ready to hustle?

I thought I was not able to do it. I thought it would be too much to do. I didn’t think that somebody would care.

Funny thing is: You are reading this post right now. So somebody actually cared. Maybe you even watched our interview with Elliott in Amsterdam. You can click here if you want to take a look at it:


Where would I be in life if I focused all the time on the problems and the stumbling blocks that lie ahead of me. Why not just DO IT?

Well if we would know how to DO something we cannot think our way into doing it. We actually have to do the thing in order to have the power. (Yup, I am a BIG Elliott Hulse fan 😉 )

Talk soon


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